Relationship Status



May 20 2006
So I haven't writen on here in a long time.  I just read my last blog and wow I had forgot what I wrote on there.  It is hard to believe that was almost a month ago.  Times flies when well I can't say fun but how about when you work!!  I am living with my sister and it is going well so far.  Here husband is out of town right now so she is acting like the old Mindy that I know.  I like it like this.  Brings back memories of when we both lived at home, and her best friend Allie was always around, and we got along really good.  But anyways not much is going on in my life just work pretty much.  It seems like that is all I do, but hey I guess that it is money, and that is all that really matters!!  Well I am going to head to bed now!! TTYL <3


April 29 2006
So here we are, the end of our freshman year in college.  I never thought I would make it this far.  If I remember correctly when I left Erie I told one of my teachers I was going to die two months into school.  Ya well that didn't happen.  There were times first semester that I thought I was died though, and there were times that all I wanted to do was go home and never see this place again.  I learned alot about myself in those times.  As much as I want to forget about the mistakes I made, they did make me look at my life in a whole new prespective, and they taught me that I don't have to settle for just any friends, I can be a little picky and still meet some awesome people.  Christmas break did me a world of good, and I came back ready to take MTSU on!! LoL  Ok so I didn't take this place on, but hey second semster was 10x better then 1st.  Do you ever wonder why God does the things he does?  Like why do you grow up in the place you do, why do you fall in love with the people you do, why do you get the job that you do??  I know you are never suppose to doubt the things he does, and I don't very offten but I still wonder why?  When I left Erie I didn't know how this was going to work out, and the night before I left I really thought that I was crazy and truly wanted to tell my parents I couldn't do it.  But hey I have to much pride to let my parents think they know whats best for me.  So I did it, and looking back on this past semester I now know why this was his choice for me.  You all want to know why now don't ya!!??  Well lets see, I really don't make friends easily, I make casual friends great, but to make a true friend for life is a rare thing for me.  I have a couple back home, but there are still times that I wonder if in 20 years we will still talk?  I love those girls to death but I don't know... Can you ever really tell what the future is going to bring (the answer to that is no by the way).  But for some reason when I came here God put me next door to one of the most crazyist chicks I have ever met.  Gosh what was he thinking?! LoL JK  So we became friends and at some point I actaully opened up to her.  I guess in some ways she taught me how to trust, in my self and in my friends.  I still can't forsee the furture nor can I really control it.  But if it was up to me we would talk in 20 years, and be as good of friends as we are now, if not better!!  Thanks Kristi for letting me open up and never giving up on me!!  I know there was times where you really did think I hated you! LoL  I never did though, you know its easier to tell some one you hate them than that you care! I am always here for ya chic!  Love ya!!   But now I have to say good bye to this place and these people.  I really hate good byes, and I know that I am going to cry all Friday.  Even when I am getting my TN licesens, and the pic is going to look really bad, and evertime I look at it I am going to know why its bad and cry all over again!!  My dad tells me just to suck it up and we all have to say good bye at some point in our life!! That dose not make me feel any better!!  Gosh right now I wish I could just freeze time and stay right here right now forever! But again we all know that can't happen!!  Well I guess this is long enough now!  So everyone have a great day I will TTYL!! <3