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The Air Force Actually Let Him Call!

June 11 2006

Jonathan called me this morning!  We couldn't talk for very long.  The only thing we had time for was for him to give me his address.  What little details there are are on my Xanga.

We ARE Still Together

June 10 2006
I have been asked this a lot since right before school let out, but I want to make sure that I get this straightened out.  YES, me & Jonathan are still together.  We NEVER broke up.


June 10 2006
Ok, so I had to go to this fancy reception back in the beginning of May @ Dr. McPhees's house (he's the president of MTSU.)  There were a bunch of rich important M'boro ppl there, and a handful of teenage girls that felt really out of place.  Well, see I don't want to go to MTSU, and neither does Shauna.  Our parents want us to go there.  I mean we have nothing against MTSU we just want out of M'boro.  Well, our mothers started talking to Dr. McPhee about us.  So, he gave me and Shauna the spill about their Honors College, and now I'm actually interested in it.  Dr. McPhee has me e-mailing back and forth with the Dean of the Honors College.  I don't why they are actually talking to me cause I'm just going to be a sophomore, but might as well take advantage of the situation.  As soon as the dean gets off vacation, I'm suppose to go on a tour of the Honors College.  The classes are a lot smaller there are only about 15 students in each class, and they just spent like millions of dollors on the campus, and they have all the "best" profesors.  Ideally within the next few years they want to have their own Dorm for the Honors College, and each student will have all there classes with the same group of 15.  Well, I guess I'm flattered that I already have a college interested in me, but the only down side is that I will have to stay in Murfreesboro!


June 06 2006
Jonathan's plane leaves today.  The Air Force ppl made him check into a hotel in Nashville last night so we all had to say our goodbyes yesterday.  I can honestly say that that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  He will be gone for a little over 6 monthes.  We can go down there when he graduates from Basic in 6 weeks, but I doubt if I get to go.  I don't know if I can make it 6 weeks much less 6 monthes, and I don't think I have ever cried so much in my life.  I really do believe that when you love one person that much that the hardest thing you will ever do (if you're only in high school that is) is have to watch them leave knowing that if u need some one to talk to you can't just call them up or go visit them.  All I'll be doing is righting letters, and I can't even start doing that untill I get his address.


June 01 2006
I passed Biology!!!!!!


May 23 2006

Finally, my last day of school was yesterday.  I don't know if I'm happy or sad.

1st Sgt.

April 18 2006
I got Alpha Company 1st Sgt.!

My Sat. Night

April 17 2006

Sat. was so much fun!  I went to the mall with Izzy, and, of course, we were our wierd selves.  If you want details though you'll have to ask me at school cause I'm not putting them on this thing, lol.  We went to the cookie store, and let's just say Izzy + Cookies + Dr. Pepper don't mix.  Then we went to GO USA and rode the go-carts.  All in all it was a good day.

God Bless!


April 13 2006

Some of the boards for next year positions in ROTC were this week.  I din't go before any of them; I'm going to next week, though.  So far here are they are:

BNCO: Michael Thoe

BNXO: Nina Meins

CSM: Jamie Fields

S-1: Sarah Vermillion

S-2: Steven Harris

S-3: Autumn Boyton

S-4: Jennifer Goodson

S-5: Trish Fusco


April 06 2006

Turns out that for 2 days I had a fever and didn't know it.  That headache I still have is because of it.  Honestly, I really didn't want to miss school today.  At the doctor I had to get a blood count.  I am scared to deaath of needles!  So, that really sucked.  They also X-rayed my head which is different.  It all ended up just being a virus, so I should be back at school tomorrow.

First Soccer Tournament

March 30 2006
We had a soccer tournament this past weekend.  We played 3 games.  I started all 3 as right mid.  Sunday's game we played short 2 players w/ no subs, and at Friday's and Saturday's games I played all but like 5 min. of each.  I think we did decent (sp) considering most of those teams have been playing together for years, and we have only been playing together for a few monthes.  I didn't even know that one of the girls was even on our team untill the first game.