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A New Update...Finally

September 09 2006

So, I definately don't update much.  Um, nothing too exciting has happened in my life.  Soccer's decent this year.  It's definately going better than last when it comes to winning & stuff.  I LOVE my schedule since it was fixed.  It is:

1st - Child Dev. for the 1st semester & Driver's Ed for the 2nd

2nd - Algebra II AH

3rd - JROTC

4th - Spanish I

5th - English II AH

6th - Chemistry Honors

That's it for now.  God Bless!


justin daniels

September 09 2006
So,I had the option of getting a study hall on 3rd six weeks on days i don't drive for driver's ed 5th period. and I remembered how cool 5th period english looked like it would be. so i said "i want davis." so now,3rd six weeks,i'll be in there with you and steven and jamie and all those other people!! lol

Sarah Vermillion

September 09 2006
Oooh! Alg II AH and English II AH? Do you have Simmons and Davis?