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August 10 2006
So, my schedule today was messed u, but I LOVE the 4 of my classes that were right.  There ar so many of my friends in them.  Hopefully when my schedule is fixed it won't mess up my other classes.

Sarah Vermillion

August 10 2006
Third period! Whoot!

kayla hale

August 27 2006
hey locker buddy...i swere girl if i am in your way you need to say hoe please...MOVE! haha you seem like a cool person! hope to get to know you better this year...& i wont drop a book on your head! promise! lol

Mark Lewis

September 09 2006
sup how are things going back in TN... still here in fort lost in the woods... had modrall come back yet?? if he has tell him i wil see him soon ... if any0ne wonders i will be out of here oct 26th .. thank you god ...