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Good Day

June 17 2006
Today was a good day.  I had to get up really early cause my soccer team was having a pancake breakfast, but I took a 2 hour nap afterwards so it was ok.  The USA tied w/ Italy in their World Cup game today, which is unbelievable!  My soccer team had a party @ Cici's.  The pizza wasn't very good, but it was fun.  Oh and best of all.........JONATHAN CALLED!  He said he got my letters.  I'm relieved cause that means I got the address right.  I sent him some pictures, and the dude in charge of him had to make sure there wasn't any nudity or anything.  Some were really stupid, so that dude probably thinks Jonathan's friends are insane, lol.  Well, I better go.  God Bless!

Sarah Vermillion

June 17 2006
I need to write him a letter. Alas! For I have no stamps... : (