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Merry Late Christmas!

December 27 2006

The past few days have been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why?  Because the most wonderful boyfriend in the world is home!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!! (Can u tell by the exclamation marks?)  The only down side is the fact that I learned y it is not a good idea to ONLY eat chocolate and popcorn (& a couple of nachos) one day & then hang out w/ Jamie & Jonathan because then u get super hyper, and after the hyperness disapears because u had to go home while everyone else goes to hang out because u stayed out 2 late the night b-4 it will all come back up, lol.  Anyways the past few days have been a blast!  I can't wait to show off my Christmas present to everyone!  Jonathan has exactly one more week here, and then back to TX (tear).  Hopefully it will go by extra S L O W, but I doubt it.  Luvb Ya'll Bunches!

God Bless!


About Time For An Update

December 14 2006

Well, I never post anything on here so I decided to put something random on here, but I don't have anything random to post, lol.

I can't wait till Christmas!

God Bless!


Wish Me Luck (Trust Me I NEED It!)

October 18 2006

Who can picture D'Rae as a chaperone?  Definately not me.  Well, Fri. night Zach Campbell & I & maybe one or two other teenagers will be chaperoning a Corn Maze trip & a lock-in for the 1st-6th graders @ church.  Zach & I are the only ones who ever volenteer to actually do anything, and this time we really weren't given the option of not coming.  When we were younger we were spoiled @ church.  We always had lock-ins and trips and Bible studies.  The kids now only have VBS which has recently been shortened from 5 days to 4 days.  I will get absolutely NO sleep Fri. because I must stay awake to watch the lil devils (by the way I'm related to like half of them which makes it 10x's worse.)  Then Sat. morning I will go to help Land Nav. @ Cedars of Lebanon the rest of the weekend.  This weekend will be exhausting!

JV Tournament

October 14 2006
The Freshman & Sophomore soccer players & Kaitlyn played a JV tournament today.  We placed 3rd.

No Adult Supervision

October 08 2006

So, Shauna & I went to Dollywood yesterday to represent the OHS KEY Club.  Blackman allowed us to ride the there & back w/ them, but basically after we got there we were on our own.  It was actually a lot more fun than we thought it would be except for the hour that we had to go to the KEY Club rally, but it was ok.  One ride broke down while we were in line for it, and, of course, while we were on it.  We were kind of mad.  Some rides Sheauna & I didn't even have to wait in line for cause there were only 2 of us, and they could fit only two more ppl in the ride, and all the other groups in line had more than 2 ppl.  Well, g2g, but I'm sure ya'll can just imagine Shauna & me 4 hrs away from home w/ NO adult supervision.

God Bless!


We Won!

October 03 2006
We won tonight, 2-1!


October 02 2006

We has a great game on Sat.  Yes, we lost 0-1 and it was a JV game (our only JV game of the season), but we only played w/ 10 players.  There are 11 players on the field @ a time, so at all times in the game they had one more player than us on the field.  We also had absolutely no subs for the entire game, and they had 20-something players, so they had planty of subs.  I was the 2nd oldest player okn our teamther, and the oldest (Tabatha) isn't even 16 yet, and they were having to put in Varsity players (like their goalie) just to keep up.  I played defense, and our offense was doing amazing so we were super bored.  I only ran out of breath once for like a min.  They should have kicked our butts considering how many more players they had.  All of us play White County tomorrow (yes, it's varsity), and they haven't actually won a game in 11 years, so we are pretty excited (not cocky or overconfidant, but excited.)  It's our last home game, and it's senior night so Haylie and Jade will be introduced and stuff.  It starts @ 4:30.  Then on Thurs.  we play @ Blackman.  That will be our last season game.  Then we will prbably scrimmage Franklin County again (that's who we played Sat.), and then tournaments.  Wish us luck!

Nothing New

September 19 2006

Nothing very exciting has happened lately.  The Blood Drive was today.  No near as many ppl signed up this year as last.  I have a ton of make-up work due because I have so little time to do my homework during the soccer season.  For the most part last night was a pretty good game.  We played Riverdale, and they are really good and pass a lot.  We play Siegal on Thurs. @ 6:00.

God Bless!

A New Update...Finally

September 09 2006

So, I definately don't update much.  Um, nothing too exciting has happened in my life.  Soccer's decent this year.  It's definately going better than last when it comes to winning & stuff.  I LOVE my schedule since it was fixed.  It is:

1st - Child Dev. for the 1st semester & Driver's Ed for the 2nd

2nd - Algebra II AH

3rd - JROTC

4th - Spanish I

5th - English II AH

6th - Chemistry Honors

That's it for now.  God Bless!


My Schedule

August 10 2006
So, my schedule today was messed u, but I LOVE the 4 of my classes that were right.  There ar so many of my friends in them.  Hopefully when my schedule is fixed it won't mess up my other classes.


July 23 2006

So, today is 6 monthes for me and Jonathan!  I don't know about any of ya'll but that is kind of a big deal to me.  Honestly, he's my first boyfriend ever.

I met our new soccer coach yesterday.  He seems really nice.  He's from MTSU, seems sort of young, and from Whales.  So, he has an accent.  He doesn't like to run when not entirely neccassary (sp), and he uses a whislte cause he doesn't like to yell.  My select coach is still going to be our assisstant coach.  That's good cause he knows what we are all capable of.  Let's see if we can win any this year.  Most of us our being very optimistic which I see as a good thing.

God Bless!

Anyone Interested in OHS Soccer '06

July 21 2006

It is official both of Oakland's soccer teams will be getting a new coach this year. There will be a second try-out for girls not present at the first one. If you want to play I will let you know the date when I find out. If you are interested in playing for Oakland's Girl's Team, Blackman has invited us to their camp Mon. July 24th through Fri. July 28th from 9:00-Noon. It is about $100 and you just have to show up on Mon. @ Blackman. I'm sorry this is such short notice, but we just found out about it yesterday. Also, my select soccer coach, Coach Sparks, is holding practices @ Oakland for girls interested in OHS's soccer team untill we get a new coach. The next practice will be Saturday July 22nd from 9:00-noon @ OHS's practice field. If you have any questions just e-mail me.


e-mail: hairspray9@bellsouth.net

There's a First Time 4 Everything

July 20 2006
So, I went to the pool hall for the 1st time tonight.  It was fun.  I went w/ Ben, Cory, a guy named Jonathan, my brother, and Mandie.  I'm not the best pool player in the world, but I'm better than some, lol.


July 17 2006

So, Izzy & Katrina came over and swam today.  That was fun.  We actually got Katrina to wear a bikini!  Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now.  Luv Ya'll!

God Bless!


Jonathan's Graduation will now be Aug. 4th instead of this Friday.  This change of date has also caused his address to change, so fo any of you who still plan on writing him for the next 2 weeks his address has changed.  Comment me if you want me to gove you the changes.

I'm Home!

July 15 2006
Camp was a blast, but I'm so glad to be home!


July 10 2006

I leave for church camp in less than 2 hrs.  It should be fun; it normally is.  I'll get back Friday.  I always love going to church camp because so many people get saved and rededicate their lives.  Mandie is going with me this year!  Well, I have to go finish packing, lol.

God Bless!

R.I.P. Ashley Murphy

July 04 2006

Yesterday I woke up to a phone call @ about 10:15 saying that Ashley had died in a car accident.  I have gone to school with her for years.  I wasn't close to her, but we were friends and had talked some.  She was an Oakland JV Cheerleader this past school year.  Her brother, Jonathan Murphy, is in critical condition.  Everyone plz keep the Murphy in your prayers!


June 29 2006
So my parents decided that after over 3 years of having a cell phone they would put a house phone in my room.  I always thought it would be the other way around, but parents tend to think in the oddest ways.

Good Day

June 17 2006
Today was a good day.  I had to get up really early cause my soccer team was having a pancake breakfast, but I took a 2 hour nap afterwards so it was ok.  The USA tied w/ Italy in their World Cup game today, which is unbelievable!  My soccer team had a party @ Cici's.  The pizza wasn't very good, but it was fun.  Oh and best of all.........JONATHAN CALLED!  He said he got my letters.  I'm relieved cause that means I got the address right.  I sent him some pictures, and the dude in charge of him had to make sure there wasn't any nudity or anything.  Some were really stupid, so that dude probably thinks Jonathan's friends are insane, lol.  Well, I better go.  God Bless!


June 14 2006
I got my permit!  The best part about it is that my brother didn't.  He failed the test.  I haven't rubbed it in too much, belive it or not, lol.

The Air Force Actually Let Him Call!

June 11 2006

Jonathan called me this morning!  We couldn't talk for very long.  The only thing we had time for was for him to give me his address.  What little details there are are on my Xanga.

We ARE Still Together

June 10 2006
I have been asked this a lot since right before school let out, but I want to make sure that I get this straightened out.  YES, me & Jonathan are still together.  We NEVER broke up.


June 10 2006
Ok, so I had to go to this fancy reception back in the beginning of May @ Dr. McPhees's house (he's the president of MTSU.)  There were a bunch of rich important M'boro ppl there, and a handful of teenage girls that felt really out of place.  Well, see I don't want to go to MTSU, and neither does Shauna.  Our parents want us to go there.  I mean we have nothing against MTSU we just want out of M'boro.  Well, our mothers started talking to Dr. McPhee about us.  So, he gave me and Shauna the spill about their Honors College, and now I'm actually interested in it.  Dr. McPhee has me e-mailing back and forth with the Dean of the Honors College.  I don't why they are actually talking to me cause I'm just going to be a sophomore, but might as well take advantage of the situation.  As soon as the dean gets off vacation, I'm suppose to go on a tour of the Honors College.  The classes are a lot smaller there are only about 15 students in each class, and they just spent like millions of dollors on the campus, and they have all the "best" profesors.  Ideally within the next few years they want to have their own Dorm for the Honors College, and each student will have all there classes with the same group of 15.  Well, I guess I'm flattered that I already have a college interested in me, but the only down side is that I will have to stay in Murfreesboro!


June 06 2006
Jonathan's plane leaves today.  The Air Force ppl made him check into a hotel in Nashville last night so we all had to say our goodbyes yesterday.  I can honestly say that that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  He will be gone for a little over 6 monthes.  We can go down there when he graduates from Basic in 6 weeks, but I doubt if I get to go.  I don't know if I can make it 6 weeks much less 6 monthes, and I don't think I have ever cried so much in my life.  I really do believe that when you love one person that much that the hardest thing you will ever do (if you're only in high school that is) is have to watch them leave knowing that if u need some one to talk to you can't just call them up or go visit them.  All I'll be doing is righting letters, and I can't even start doing that untill I get his address.


June 01 2006
I passed Biology!!!!!!