The Truck

October 18 2005
So my truck gets like 12mpg. Its awesome!!! But hey, it sounds sexy.


October 21 2005


October 21 2005
pretty well...i guess. im guessin crack a lakin is a good thing... what about yourself..?


October 27 2005
hmmm.... a sexy sounding truck.... fun

Elisabeth Barber

October 28 2005
cOol phusebox<3


October 29 2005
awww your senior pictures are cute! -liz

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

October 31 2005
my mom saw your senior pictures and said what a stud he has become.. excuse me... hahahhhahahahahahahahahaha finally seniors..i'm ready to get out of here.. less than 6 months and i'm in Kansas. eeek!


November 01 2005
dude your hot