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February 14 2006


busy times.

sort of.


January 18 2006

wow, what a month and a half.

i'm in chicago now!  or, more precisely, north chicago!

and loving it.

and employed.

and sorta loving it lol.


December 02 2005

you really kind of start to wonder who your friends are sometimes sucks to be home, alone, on a friday night


November 26 2005

so i lied about not using xanga anymore.  but i dont think anybody really reads this, so its not like it matters much.


November 08 2005

1)What time is it right now? 11:10

2)Name: Josh

3)Age: 16

4)Birthday: 3/15

5)Birthplace: 29palms, CA

6)Pet? yes

7)If so what and what is its name? Cyrus the dog and Rickenbacker the cat

8)Are you in a relationship? no

9)If so with who? n/a

10)If not why? because i am waiting

11)Had a 1st kiss? nope

12)If so with who? n/a

13)Where? ^^

14)Do you want to get married? yes

15)To whom? a girl

16)Do you want an inside or outside wedding? outside would be kl

17)Do you want any kids? yeah

18)How many? not as many as i once did lol...three? four?

19)What do you want to name them? whatever my wife wants O:-) i personally like the names Hailey, Victoria, Lacey and Rachel for girls, and Gabriel, Josiah, Michael and Calvin for boys.

20)Would you have your kids in public, private or home school them? homeschool

21)Why would do pick that one? because i think its really the only GOOD option

22)What is your favorite color? blue, and green

23)What is you favorite animal? ferret<3

24)Is that the same kind of animal as your pet? i just got rid of my ferret

25)Do you like mountains or the beach? mountains

26)Do you like art? mmhmm

27)What is you favorite art media? music

28)Are you an artistry person? more than some

29)Do you like black and white or color photos better? they're both good

30)Why? n/a

31)Do you drink more soda or more water? water

32)What is you favorite soda? code red

33)Do you drink tap water? mmhmm

34)What school do you go to? i'm sorta-graduated

35)What grade are you in? ^^

36)What do you want to be when you "grow up?" a youth minister, and a music producer

37)Do you like aim? yeah

38)Why or why not? cause it comes built into AOL

39)Do you like yahoo instant messenger? yeah

40)Why or why not? cause you can play games on it

41)Do you like MSN messenger? yeah

42)Why or why not? cause you can change your name and your display picture

43)Which one of the 3 messengers do you like best? i'd have to say MSN

44)Why? 'cause its useful

45)Do you like to email people? most of the time

46)Do you like talking on the phone? to some people

47)Would you meet someone that you met on the internet? lol kind of a moot question...but yeah

48)If so who would you like to met? if i had to pick one person, it would be Christy

49)Have you meet someone you met on the internet in person? mmhmm

50)Where they how you expected them to be? in some ways; in other ways they were even cooler

51)Do you play an intstrurment? ya

52)If so what one? guitar, keyboards, bass, chanter, mandolin, tinwhistle

53)If not what one would you like to learn? n/a

54)Do you like to learn? some things

55)What is you favorite subject? history

56)What subject do you hate the most? math

57)Do you believe in God? yes

58)Do you believe that God works in his own time? yes

59)What is your favorite bible verse? Romans 12:1-2

60)Favorite book in the Bible? Hosea, at the moment

61)Do you believe in prayer? yes

62)Do you need prayer right now? doesn't everybody?

63)If so would you share? sure...

64)If yes what do you need prayer for? ...that we get a house in Chicago soon.

65)Do you like to go shopping? more than i used to to lol

66)If so where? guitar center, cornerstone, and fun malls

67)Do you like to go on walks? yeah

68)What are you wearing right now? jeans, a The Listening shirt

69)What is your favorite outfit? my ratty patch-jeans, RRWC Star shirt, blue chucks, blue shades...::thumbs up::

70)Do you like to wear shoes? when its cold, yes

71)Do you like socks? ^^

72)Do you like to wear no shoes? when its warm lol

73)What is your favorite TV show? none...dont like TV

74)Movie? My Fair Lady

75)CD? A Beautiful Life - Mumsdollar (at the moment) 

76)What kind of music do you listen to? Christian

77)What kind of music that you hate listening to? rap, metal

78)Do you like to read? mmmmhmmm

79)If so what is your favorite book? Lord Of The Rings

80)What book are you currently reading? Jane Eyre

81)Would you recommend that book to someone? aye...VERY good book.

82)Where do you wish you were right now? hanging with my friends

83)Are you there? no

84)Do you wish upon stars? nah...why wish upon the creation when you can talk to its Creator, to quote travis

85)If so has a wish came true? n/a

86)Do you throw coins in to ponds and make wishes? nein

87)If so do they come true? n/a

88)What is one thing you wished you had but don't have? assurance about what i should do in the future

89)Is it something you can get? :: shrug :: if GOD gives it to me

90)Do you miss someone right now? yes

91)Who? erica and the reichards

92)Do you think they miss you? prolly not lol

93)Do you wish they were there right now? i wouldn't wish *here* on anybody...i wish i were there lol

94)Do you like the rain? mmhmm

95)Do you like thunder and lightning? eh

96)Would you dance in the rain? i would

97)Would you kiss someone in the rain? if she were the girl GOD had let me marry, yes

98)Do you like hugs? unless they're totally unexpected...then they throw me off lol

99)Who would you want a hug from right now? no specific person.

100)What time is it right now? 11:28

Now tag 5 people to take this quiz...
4. i dont know
5.two more people on phusebox

...then pray for them and you will truly be a blessing in someone's life!

an essay

November 01 2005

(i did not write the below essay; i just thought it was interesting)

Extreme Feminism Incites Misandry


Misandry is the hatred of men for being men. I feel like lots of women have turned feminism into some form of misandry. I’ve heard many females say, “I hate all men,” or “All men are pigs,” just because of what one or two men may have done to cause them grief. If you look closely, you can easily find many misandric TV shows, commercials, ads, books, magazines, and clothing.


In many commercials, I see women portrayed as more intelligent than men. In one, for example, a man and a woman are in a commercial for a minivan. The woman is walking around the minivan, folding down the seats, while her husband is standing behind the minivan trying to fold up a baby stroller so that it will fit in the van. The woman walks to the back, gives her husband a look, folds down the back seat in the minivan, and puts the stroller in without folding it. The man gives her a look, as if to say, “How did you do that?” How? Why, she’s a woman, of course!

I see so much misandry in all the sitcoms I watch. In most cases, if a man does something stupid, then one of the women in the show will act like she expected it all along, just because it was a man who did it. I see it most in Roseanne, Just Shoot Me, Home Improvement, King of Queens, and so many others. Men are either presented as selfish jerks who are obsessed only with sports, sex, and pornography, or as bumbling idiots who are told by women that they are incapable.


There is an extremely popular company called David & Goliath that sells t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc. that say things like: “Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them!”, “LOBOTOMY – How to train boys.”, “Please don’t feed the boys.”, “Boys lie…Poke ’em in the eye.”, “Never underestimate the stupidity of boys in large groups.”, and so many others. Is it really ok to have 12-year-old girls walking around wearing these t-shirts? The worst thing about them is that they ONLY COME IN ADULT SIZES. Yes, maybe when you’re a six-year-old female, boys DO have cooties. (Good time to mention the D&G brand t-shirt that says “Boys have cooties.”) I thought girls would have gotten over that by the time they were in college, but it doesn’t seem that way, does it? Do you think that maybe young boys will be insulted when they see their big sisters wearing clothes that say these things? Teaching boys not to hit girls is a good thing, but publicly telling girls to throw rocks at boys ISN’T.


There are also the more serious aspects. There are many services that neglect men, such as: domestic violence services, homeless services, and disaster relief services. Men also seem to be treated unfairly in some child custody cases. When people are in danger, there are suggestions of what to do “to protect our women and children,” as if the lives of men are of lesser value. I’ve seen many organizations directed at women and children, which is good, but why not men, too? Women and children may have more needs than men in some cases, but that doesn’t mean organizations can’t help men as well.


What I have described is a mixture of misandry, which is a personal belief, and discrimination, which affects everybody. Behind this kind of discrimination is misandry, whether people see it easily or not. I don’t believe there is always a conspiracy to make men appear less intelligent than women. I think that since it’s so common nowadays, it just comes naturally. It isn’t right for women to demand respect and give none in return.


October 26 2005

tsp is no more! lol its for the better.


October 22 2005


...i broke my promise to myself...

...i'm in a band again...

...we have a song...

home again, home again...

October 22 2005

...jiggidy jig.

or something.

to correct my previous entry, "zwei" is two. so sorry, all of you germanspeaking people who might have been

im bored.


October 20 2005

i think drei is two?

anyways, i'm in tennessee right now, staying with my slightly redneck 

everybody should go listen to the elms on myspace (, surprise surprise!)

and the listening (, they're even better

got a new bible today, because my dad wanted his back.  it looks like this:

hopefully that won't kill the whole screen, but oh well.

back in north carolina on friday night, joy joy...

12 weeks until we move to chicago.


October 07 2005
joining, just in time to leave for two weeks...hopefully i'll have something to say when i get back (no, i don't usually capitalize "i" the pronoun).