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June 07 2005
well today has been gay.. came home got in trouble.. i swear this summer sucks all i been doing is gettin in trouble.. and the sad thing is this time im not even trying to get into trouble.. but yah last night michael and ashley broke up for some gay reasons but thats not my shit just as long as me and megan are still together thats all im concentrating on right now . i really love her alot . just hope we stay together for real.. she doesnt have to get surgery so tahts cool too but i should go its like 2 in the morning and im stuck at the hosue so holla.. i love you so much megan... go check out the xanga.. Ford_Ranger_2005.. holla

i love you megan

elizabeth duncan

June 10 2005
i totally can't cook...i mean, not anything complicated. but i wanted some chicken when i was in i bought a chicken. in china they don't make tyson chicken breasts, so you go to the market and buy them. still on the bone. it's nasty.