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July 30 2005
okay, well its been awhile sence ive been on here. Some stuff has been going on sence ive updated last time. Went on vacation to Helen, Georgia . There were fun days and there were also boring days that i wish would ahve gone by faster , but all in all i had alot of fun seeing people i havent seen in a long time. Came home today and my sister found out that one of her friends had been killed. She was drinking and was driving a four wheeler was not all there and jsut drove off of a 50 foot cliff. So today has been a pretty long day. Me parents and all of my family from florida have all been talking and I think we are moving back to Florida sometime sort of soon. Right now we have family looking for us a house down there in central florida so thats some more big news. School is in 2 weeks which by the way sucks. but thats about it ill cya later. i love u megan