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July 14 2005
dang i dont know if i allready told you all , but my grandpa is thinking about trading in my truck! i was kinda like blown away when i heard that but then again its okay i guess because if he gets rid of it then i get the 1999 ford F-250 which is really nice . its like the top of the line for that year and its big looking and big engine compared to the ranger . the ranger got a like 2.3 liter and the F-250 has a 5.0 or i think even a 5.6 liter not sure . There are two different engines for that year. ya i know why they make it so diffcult on us all . lol . none of you probly really care but i think its kinda exciting lol i might buy a new engine for it though because the old one has 450,000 on it which sucks but yah not untill i get my permenate job . right now my job isnt paying enough but im out cya . i love u megan