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June 26 2005
dono life is really boring at this stage. im in the time of waiting. im waiting to get my truck. im waiting for my waiting on vacation. im waiting on high school. im waiting on us moving. im waiting on a job. this is the most boring part. id rather be out there doing something with my time rather then sit here wasting it. im stuck here while everyone else is out there doing something.. i get my truck for christmas or next summer.i go on vacation end of july. i get my permit in november. school starts in august. we are putting the house up for sale right after christmas. i get a job after christmas some time. so really there isnt much to do . i cant ever see my girlfriend. i sit here 24hours of the day all 7 days of the week.last summer i was out everyday, everynight, every minute of the day i was doing something .whether it was legal or not is another thing though. now that im good it is boring. but hopefully this summer starts getting better and quick because its passing by quickly. i love you megan