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Car Wreck/ Death in the family

November 09 2005
ok first is that on October 31st  My sisters brand new 2005 Scion tC was wrecked and the insureance totalled it. The police officer that just got killed here in Murfreesboro. the black lady named kay something i think yah she was the lady that took our report. so thats kinda freaky. we just saw that lady and she was a real ass to us but no one ever wished that she would die. thats wrong. and even though sometimes people say or think that. they dont really mean that. because thats cruel but anyways. Yesturday my gparents called and said that my dads aunt is not supposed to make it through the night so um they called us today about an hour ago and said that she died at like 6:30.. funny thing is that me and my dad were just talking at like 6 when we were on our way to get food how she must be ok becuase hasnt anyone called and told us about her so yah.. 30 minutes later what do you know.. she dies.. My grandma is pretty tore up. that was her only family really.. her dad died when she was a little kid.. when she was 20 her mom and step dad were out on a winter day in Sryacuse new york when they backed up there brakes locked up and they slid into a freezing cold and drowned to death. they said you could see scratch marks on the roof and on the windows from where they both tried to get out but the windows were all power.. yah and she had no brothers or sisters.. her aunt took her in and she died when she was about 25 so yah she didnt have any family so shes torn up.. tomorrow im leaving for florida and its my grandparents 50th anniversary (which was planned) and then monday is the funeral for my dads aunt ( not planned) so yah but i gtg ,.. I love you megan...