Jessica Jo


Hmm. Gross

March 04 2007

Okay so my understanding of how gross guys can be when they are living with other guys has reached a whole new level tonight.

The youth went to DQ after church and we got into a conversation about the food that has left to mold in Hooper's kitchen sink, his dirty bathroom that doesn't get cleaned very often and how he thinks washing the kitchen floor is when he puts too much dishwashing soap in the dishwasher so that it spills out into the floor and Adam R's bathing rituals and sheet washing that only happens once a semester. Ewwwwww.

I think I wanted to throw up in my mouth.

Jimmy Dillon

March 05 2007
Wow, that is gross. But rest assured, there are guys out there who actually prefer not to live like that.

Jamie Crabtree

March 05 2007
Yeah that was disgusting...revolting and vile.