Jessica Jo



February 20 2007

Another Random List About Me

1.  I love to clean for hours for two very specific reasons.....I'm either very very happy or I'm very very stressed.

2. I hate it when a guy calls me hot.  I don't view it as a compliment at all. I say choose a different word.

3.  My nieces mean everything to me.

4. When I'm mad or hurt about something, I choose to ignore it until I find the best way to confront it because I don't want to say the wrong thing.

5. I'm a people pleaser.

6. I love to take risks that have nothing to do with the heart.

7. I have different smiles that not many people have figured out yet.

8. My favorite: hugs.

9. The greatest thing I think I could ever be in my lifetime is be a good mother and wife.

10.  I'm just a teeny teeny bit on the stubborn side. ;-)

Chris Jensen

February 20 2007
just a teeny tiny bit? you're so modest ;-)

Jamie Crabtree

February 20 2007
*hugs* since you seem to enjoy them so much