Jessica Jo



December 21 2006

I think these can be somewhat fun.....kind of....

 *First And Last *

First Real Best Friend
Alicia Amirian

First School
Rockvale Elementary

First Cell Phone
In 2004

First Funeral
My Pa(Grandfather)

First Pet

First Big Trip
Texas when I was very very little

First Fight
More than likely with my sister over something dumb

First Celebrity Crush
Leonardo Dicaprio. Hey. I was in the 4th grade........Titanic....hello!

First Time Out Of The Country
Never but I hope on my honeymoon to go to Italy

First Real Job
Peanut Gallery Toys

* . . Everyone Has Their Last . . *

Last Person You Hugged
Mrs. Jeana

Last Car Ride
Just now from church

Last Movie You Watched
It's a Wonderful Life

Last Food You Ate
Red Velvet Cake

Last Item Bought
A Christmas present for my dad

Last Text Message

Last Kiss
Hmmm. I'm thinking none of your business. :-P

Last Funeral

Last Time At The Mall


December 22 2006
heehee. i think the kissing part is funny...