Jessica Jo


My Day

October 19 2006

So.....I'm sitting in English class today.....trying to pay attention to my teacher.....and all of a sudden she stops lecturing and approaches me and tells me in front of the class that I look exhausted. And then asks me if I've been getting any sleep and if I'm okay. She then goes on and tells me that if she could she would let me leave class and go take a nap. Her homework for me is to get some rest. When someone tells you you look tired its like another expression for...."You look terrible today. haha. So evidently I looked terrible today. Yeah....

And then.....Alicia and I went to Wendy's for lunch and I burnt my tongue on some very very hot nasty chili. :-( Owwwy....


October 19 2006
wendy's chilli is SO nasty!

Jamie Crabtree

October 19 2006
If it's any consolation, I diddn't sleep well either. I wake up and my pillow is completly across the room. And I'm in my halflconcious state going "What the crap. Did I sleep on the floor or did someone make me mad in my dreams?"