Jessica Jo



October 09 2006

I talked my Women's Studies teacher out of class on I get to leave after my first class which means I am out of there by 8:55 a.m. ! YAY! Hmmm......whatever shall I do with all that free time.....

A lot of things are happening that I am so unsure of.  I'm just praying for some direction so I know what path to take...and to know most importantly what He wants.

I miss you so very very much.....

Jamie Crabtree

October 09 2006
I miss you too, it's been what 2 or 3 hours scince I saw you? Man that was a while ago.., haha

Jeana Lewis

October 11 2006
When I talked to Chris about that comment he got such a funny grin on his face now I'm wondering... Jess? :o)