Jessica Jo


Random Facts About Me

October 03 2006

1. I LOVE gummy bears. I can eat them for any meal of the day. I usually eat them in the morning and have to end up sharing with Jimmy and David that are in my 8:00 a.m. class.

2. I love to go on night doesn't matter if I am driving or not. I love to have the windows down, music blaring, and my hair down so it can blow all over the place.

3. My favorite time of the year is fall. It holds a lot of good memories for me.

4. Root beer makes me happy....give that to me and I get really really hyper.

5. Hugs are my favorite.

6. I hold one very important secret about myself that only one person knows.

7. Panera bread is my all time favorite place to eat....especially during fall time because their soups are amazing.

8. When I look into a particular person's eyes....I see who I want to be.

9. I believe having the ability to love is one of God's greatest gifts.

10. There are many things I say with my many different smiles.

Jimmy Dillon

October 03 2006
Well #6 sure has spurred my curiosity.

Jamie Crabtree

October 03 2006
Note to self: give you root beer, hug you often, learn your smiles, and bring you gummy bears