Jessica Jo


Definition of Females

September 26 2006

Since I've been in college I am around females....constantly....whether I know them or not.  And I've been seeing things I think I've overlooked or refused to see. And since I've been taking Women's Studies I have to study them and give my definition of what I think.

Girls are trouble. If you are a guy your best bet would be to stay away. Run if you have to. I feel sorry for you guys.

The End.

Jamie Crabtree

September 27 2006
Sounds good to me, but some women will actually PURSUE the men if they run away. I've seen it before and it does nothing more than give us a bad name. I feel sorry for men AND women. Men for having to deal with us and certtain women for having to sit by and watch other women give the rest of us a bad rep.


September 27 2006
I think the game "amazon woman" just about clears it up :)

David Ambrose

September 27 2006
thanks for that. i will keep that in mind.

Randy Rodden

September 27 2006
That is the truest statement that I've ever read on a phusebox post I do believe!