Jessica Jo


So. Yeah. :0)

September 24 2006

Life is more interesting than I could ever imagine. I'm growing and I'm changing. I'm letting go and finally feeling free. I'm okay.

All because of my faith in Him.

I love you guys.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

Jamie Crabtree

September 25 2006
Life is an opportunity, benefit from it Life is a beauty, admire it Life is a dream, realize it Life is a challenge, meet it life is a duty, complete it Life is a game, play it Life is a promise, fulfill it Life is sorrow, overcome it Life is a song, sing it Life is a struggle, accept it Life is a tragedy, confront it Life is an adventure, dare it Life is luck, make it Life is too precious, do not desrtoy it Life is life, fight for it -Mother Teresa