Jessica Jo


Let's See.....

August 30 2006

So. I've been in college three days. Here are some brief stories....

First day. I left campus to go somewhere and had to park very very far away when I came back. Learned: Don't leave campus...ever for no reason.

Second day. I forgot where I parked because I was in a rush and just started walking towards my class. It took me 15 minutes of walking to find my car. Learned: Write down, look, or remember where I parked. And oh yeah....leave earlier from home.

Third day. My flip flop broke during my first class...beyond repair. I wobbled to the KUC and bought an expensive, ugly, and blister giving flip flops because I didn't want to leave campus and my perfect parking place. Learned: Always keep an extra pair of shoes in your car.

Yeah. College is definitely a learning experience....of basically how to survive it. I wonder what tomorrow will be like.

David Ambrose

August 30 2006
Let's see: get plenty of sleep, don't procrastinate, study hard, wear good walking shoes, carry something to drink like water(cause of all that walking, its easy to dehydrate), don't show up to class late, don't skip class(cause its easier to get away with it than in high school), and I guess the last thing is...when you are invited to go to a party, just say you already have plans and that you are busy...believe me, it works. lol


August 30 2006
HA you go to COLLEGE! HA

Chris Jensen

August 30 2006
maybe if you actually wore real shoes you wouldn't have to worry about them breaking ;-)

David Ambrose

August 31 2006
ha. your welcome. anytime

Drew Mitchell

September 02 2006
sounds like u had agreat first three days