Jessica Jo


You are AMAZING God

August 13 2006

Tonight was the best. Praise and Worship lasted the ENTIRE time. It was definitely a great ending to Jonathan's ministry at FWC this summer.

I am amazed by Your glory God. You alone are my strength. You alone are my love. You have my heart. I love you.

I'm happy. Things are changing...good things are changing and happening. I'm seeing within myself the person that God is calling me to be.

And for right now....FWC is my home...I know that much for sure.

Busy week this week. Lots of working and things at church.

I got my work schedule for while I'm going to be in college. I work soon as my last class ends I have to hurry to work. I'm worried about getting everything done and having my grades not slip. I'm worried about not freaking out like I usually do when I am stressed and under a lot of pressure. *worried look*

I miss you...very very much.