Jessica Jo


Life is fun

May 31 2006

The summer has been going very well so far. I work ALL the time and it's great. When I'm not working I'm either at the greenway or laying out and loving the sun. And having the best friends a girl could have definitely makes the summer 10 times better.

I've decided to sponsor a child through the Christian Children's Fund. He is 11 years old and his name is Ocen Kenneth. He lives in Africa and is an adorable child. I feel very blessed.

I'm excited to see how this summer will turn out. I'm excited to see how different my life is going to be...if I ever let it.

Hope you guys are doing well.


May 31 2006
im so glad your life if going great! you'll truely be blessed by supporting a child in africa i guarente it! God will honor that. Have a wonderful day!


June 08 2006
hey!well i hope all is going good we miss u at Encounter tuesday!