high school

September 27 2005
lemme see...i haven't updated in a while because i started school. not just doing schoolwork, but g o i n g to school. not home-school. i don't know if i like it or not, but i have an +A in almost every class. its just i don't know if i like any of the ppl there. i mean there are a few i think are cool—amanda, kaytlyn, mark, and, of course, seth—but the rest are all questionable. but because of my sister, we will not be there long. she decided to go out with a guy w/o telling parents. they found out and now she is grounded and parents are thinking of pulling us at christmas.

*sigh* i want my lolo and seth. lolo might be mad at me, though, because i yelled at her and sydney on sunday. she hasn't called me since or answered my calls. seth just is ignoring me like he always does at school. i don't know what is the difference between church and school to him. it would seem that i have no true friends left, but i have my secret, it wont let me get close to them.

~ Sai


July 19 2005
i like grapes.

r o y d u p i u s ! ! !

July 13 2005
yes, i am officially in love with roy dupuis. that means samuel edward jack depp (my clone of johnny) is up for grabs. i no longer need him. ha! roy is hot and he is french (oh well, at least he doesn't have a stupid accent.)

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i sound so stupid, but my real love life is worthless, so what else do i have?

i am bored and am supposed to be working hard, but I am hardly working!

July 08 2005

~ randomly buy a prom dress and wear it around the house w/o telling him
~ go shopping an spend a l l the money he gave you and then some
~ wear lots of make-up when you go outwhen you normally do not wear any
~ dance with one of your good guy friends, just as friends, but your dad won't believe that
~ be in a play, in which you are a bride and you have to marry said guy with whom you danced with

seth comes back tonight, i should see him sunday, if not tommorrow. i have missed his ramdomness.

right now i am supposed to be helping val in the bookstore, but she has nothing for me to do so here i stand behind the counter, using the computer for my own personal amusment.

s o o o o o o o . . . lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

bored, bored, b o r e d . . .

July 06 2005
i sleptover at sydney's houselast night so we could go shopping today. yesterday, we cleaned outthe attic just for amusement. it is now very clean. i ambored and sydney's space bar doesnot work everytime! nothing really to say, i am the bridesmaid for the wedding skit at church. i get to whear sydney's mom's prom dress and run off with one of the ex-boyfreinds. i have decided to have a masquerade for my sweet sixteenth, baced off of the phantom of the opera, but i don't know where i will have it.

and annother entry

June 28 2005
i am watching law and order and am online. no one is on aim. i am bored.


i really like this site. though there are a few things that i still need to try:

this is itaisized
this is underlined
obviously bold works.

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[EDIT] yay! everything worked.

i am working on a list that would make this site a little better (to compete with xanga, i like this one alot better and want it to do well)

this is a title

June 28 2005
this is the thingy i made because i was bored and sydney showed to me.

well, i had drama today and tara got the part i lost. :-(

sydney is at my house for the day. ummmmm....well i have nothing more to say.

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