September 04 2005
So I woke up this morning and for the 3rd Sunday in a row everybody is gone to church and I am sitting here at home alone bored outta my mind.

I would like to go with my roomies but they never tell me when or where they're going and so I always wake up to the front door slamming.

How to heck do I always end up missing the friggin memo?! I

And then I hear from people about how awesome Greek Weekend is going and blah blah blah. Its making me think about maybe I didn't make the right choice in going early alumni from SigEp.

Arghhh. And something else! This whole hurricane disaster! What the HECK is up with the President. Anybody who knows me knows Im a Democrat..but still. Homeland Security and all that crap obviously isn't working. If we couldn't act faster on something that sat in the Gulf Of Freaking Mexico for 4 days and that we KNEW was coming..how the heck would we react to another terrorist attack or a biological/nuclear attack?!?! AHH!

The world is crazy. And I think im on what would be equivalent to a man having PMS. Im all bitchy.....