I date....

January 16 2006
I date an incredible girl now..she's great.

Not the one from last post...a different one..but still great.


January 12 2006
I really like this girl,right? She's AMAZING,and totally perfect.

She has a boyfriend. Doesn't like me like that. Wouldn't break up w/him anyways.

Pretty much knew it was dead before anything would even look like it would start...but some how,actually knowing it's not gonna happen as in hearin it from her herself...it feels a lot worse than knowing it w/o her saying it.

Thank YOU

January 07 2006
This is gonna be a big ass thank you post...basically,things are gettin better and better after bein worse and worse,and I wanna thank the ones who were there,are there,and will continue being there in the future.

Let's get this list started...

Cale-Best friend. Crashed at his place day before New Year's Eve,and on NYE night too.
Sarah-talked to her all the time and she's helped a lot. Also hung out w/her over break. Fun times.
Elizabeth-Haha,you put up w/me in Bio. You gotta admit,some of our convos are a little strange....
Kayla-Talked to you bout nothin in general,but had some funny moments. Hale The Whale.
Jessica-Haha,you're the one who has been online when I've needed to start tellin people bout that fabulous Ali. For that,I thank you. Course,you also told the whole Bio class bout her,lol.
Deb-O-Rah-I Love You. And that's all there is to say. Lol. Fun times.
Kaitlyn-You're a bitch. :) And there's really not enough words to say how I hate you.
And the rest of my bio crew...and my english crew...and my geometry crew...and hmm...spanish i don't realy have a crew that is like the rest..it varies.

That's it for now..it's 12:25 AM though,so chill...

Now for random shoutouts...fuck the names,if you're a real friend you'll know which ones are for you...

Asa Mack James and my cooked burger and shoes w/clocks.
Green Bean Supreme
Girl Moss
It'd be pretty cool to have eyballs all on your body "eww gross justin" Better than toes,right?
Freshman don't understand anything. Their npt sart enuff. Yes,I made spelling mistakes so you could understand it in your language.
"His giiiiiiirlfriend"

That's perty much it...



January 01 2006
Goin through a lot of shit lately,and seems to be gettin a little better...but I can't tell anymore....

I really like this girl....but I have no chance...at all....and even though I have told myself stop...my likin for her grows.

and then there's my parents..they're goin through some stuff...seems better though now?

And then there's school..all this other stuff affects my grades...

aahh well....


December 05 2005

Dunno what to say....


November 19 2005

I fucked up..kinda.

Read my xanga entry for some details...when it all blows over(aka when I'm ungrounded),I'll give you full story...

I'll talk to y'all when it's all said and done with..


November 17 2005
You're the one that I want,(one that I want)oh oh oh!


So everybody..how's life?

Good to hear.

Hope all is well.

Went bowling tonight with Deb-O-Rah and Sarah...Sarah is one of my best friends,and Deb-O-Rah is a great girl I know.....


September 23 2005
I'm quitting all my stuff..


that update is about me...read the comment I left him to understand this all.

Or read my last xanga entry for a while.

I'll check back every few days...maybe.


September 21 2005
you're all gay for not leaving remarks...

least i get comments on xanga.


September 18 2005
I'm now addicted to phusebox

and xanga,but we all knew about my xanga addiction.


September 17 2005
game sucked last night...but cale slept over,and we had a lot of fun

and theres a chick i think i actually like now.

we'll just wait and see..


August 29 2005
no school tomorrow


phusebox seems gay,but it might get better

xanga's the shit though.