May 31 2006

So...haven't used this in forever. Lots has changed since the past update. I look at this a lot,and don't change it.

Personal reasons..don't need to get in to it right now.

I date Ashley now...I guess that's cool. I like her,I do. But we never get to see each other,and it's just not cool.

But,it's all good...

Ever had something inside you that you can't tell anyone?

In other news,I'm in the preproduction process of a film I'm making.

If any one is interested in being in it,let me know...if you're a lady,you have to like to wear preppy clothes or rockish clothes. If you're a dude,you gotta be white and you have to like to wear wigger clothes.

Chelsea Forstel

May 31 2006
I'll be in it, kiddo... >>> sorry things aren't goin that great for ya... >>> but hey... >>> even if we don't really know each other... >>> you dated Jordan's cousin... & I'll be here for ya if you need to talk, ok? *just lettin ya know...* <3 -Chelsea


June 01 2006
hey u can call me anytime and I'll listen to anything u say even if it doesn't make since because I hate to see that u keeping something inside well, anyways, I would love to be in ur movie call me sometime 604-5936


July 04 2006
WOW this is old.lol.o well .lol