July 24 2006

yes! my new ride!

im so excited!!!!=)

Jesse Cannady

July 24 2006
nice... im jealous! (yeah we should probably find that out)

kristen teeters

July 24 2006
AHHHH! IM SO EXCITED!!!! wow that is so awesome! im so excited for you girl!! I LOVE IT! i know u have got to be extatic! well have fun! i miss my chelsea! talk to you later! : )

meredith taylor

July 25 2006
I absolutly LOVE your car!! so cute!!! i can't wait until 2morrow!!!

Garrett Haynes

July 25 2006
ahhh chelsea its awesome! I can't wait to ride in it with u!!!! Hey this is not fair...everybody is getting new cars, and garrett is stuck with his gay ford probe...where the radio is screwed up and the transmission is jerky and it goes 0-60 in five minutes!!!!!!! STUPID CAR!!!!!!

Christine Kitts

July 26 2006
man chelsea! that car is awesome! congratulations!

kaitlin gay

July 30 2006
the sound system is <b>amazing</b>. oh my goodness =) the concert was amazing! you are your drunk man.. ahhahaha! i love it. "that one was for you, baby!" ahhh.. what a good night we had?! love you girl &hearts;