June 24 2006

so camping this week was muy bueno. we had a pretty good time. i will have to tell ya all about it.

the impossible tent

but we accomplished it =)

We tubed 11 miles...but it was fun.

we wanted to go so bad we even tied 3 tubes to the top of my little car...okay not really...only 2.

we jumped off those rocks if you can see them...okay maybe not..but we thought about it....

we got pulled over because apparently your not suppost to have people riding in the back of a moving vehicle in camping chairs...who knew?

Cades Cove

Well it was a very good trip. =)

kaitlin gay

June 25 2006
looks like yall had an AMAZING! time. im jealous =) i have missed you, chels! loveee you!

Jesse Cannady

June 25 2006
yeah i did- i went a few weeks back and i think i decided to go to camp too... still not sure about that decision tho


June 25 2006
i miss you mac


June 26 2006
aaron needs to put those guns away.. he's gunna hurt somebody. haha chelsea.. why have we not seen each other this summer?? maybe because you don't work at reeves sain anymore.... :-(