June 06 2006

So last night was so much fun....

 - Swimming till we froze....

 - Good talks in the pool

 - Extremely good cookies(that Kristen made...alot better than the corn and potatoes...HAHAHA!!!)

 - Slideshows

 - Sleeping Outside

 - Shooting Stars(and making wishes on them =] )

 - " Kristen whats that noise?" "Oh they're building over in walter hill.." "Oh okay, goodnight.." (half asleep not knowing what we are talking about..)

 - Po Po the train....

 - Aw Man..we got DEWED on! haha


 I love Kristen Teeters!!! She's my FAVORITE!!! Last night was definetley a great one...and i wouldnt of traded it for the world! <3

You can see us jumping in...her poor mom just couldnt work the camera.



This was our amazing bed we made last night so that we could sleep outside! IT WAS THE BESTEST!!!! AHH SO MUCH FUN!!!

kaitlin gay

June 06 2006
dang. wish yall could have been there last night. scary stuff. i will have to tell you the story. not cool.. =)

kristen teeters

June 06 2006
WOW GIRL I HAD A BLAST!!!!! ahaha im so glad u could come! ur the best too! thanks so much for the slideshow it was awesome!! i loved it!! well pretty much we did have an awesome time! AHH SHOOTING STARS!!! goodness i have the best time with u!! well thanks again for all that fun! ill see u soon!!p.s. im so glad i redemed my "cooking points" i really can cook though just when im not distracted!! lol have a great day!

Garrett Haynes

June 06 2006
yall r the best


June 09 2006
i remember that pool...