Top 10 Funniest things about last night...

May 25 2006

10. "Is that a nerds candy rope your tying around my neck??...where's the dog?? WAIT is that one of those chocolate covered guns??"

9. "I can't find it you guys!!"

8. "Let's go TRICK-or-TREATING!!! WE CAN BE BOYYSS!!!"

7. "We're fixin to get real personal...and I mean personal!"

6. " family and I are really close..." "WOW!! thats a little to close for me.."

5. "im scared you guys...ITS OKAY KRISTEN!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!"

4.  "You really bring every pair with you??" "Uh yeah you can stop laughing at me now..."

3.  "No messes you guys...DANG I JUST SPILLED THE COKE!!!"

2.  What happens in the camper...STAYS in the camper!!

1.  LOVERS CLUB ( 809 / 801 / 122 / 116 / 210 )<3

WOW so last night was an absolute BLAST!!!  oh man it was great!! perfect way to begin the summer!! this one is going to top them all!!

Garrett Haynes

May 25 2006
man i love how u guys try to copy us in the jerk club

meredith taylor

May 25 2006
i had so much fun we will have to do that soon!!

kristen teeters

May 25 2006
ahaha garretts comment is so funny! that makes me laugh! well thanks again for all u did last night so we could come over! i had a BLAST!! whoo standing on metal chairs and holding a metal pole in a lightning storm just wouldnt be the same without there to take pictures of me lol!!! u make me laugh! i love you girl!! thanks again!!

kaitlin gay

May 25 2006
OH MY GOSH.. can i just say-that was the most fun that i have had in a while.. and garrett, we didnt copy you =) ahhh.. i had an absolute BLAST! "you can do it kristen!!!!" <b>cheese nips?!?!</b> oh wow! i wish that we could go and do it all over again.. and yes, you spilt my coke everywhere. good going, chels. tellin ME not to make a mess =) we are definately doing it again.. i &hearts; you--210!! baby!!

ami driver

May 25 2006
can i tell you how much fun i had?! oh my goodness.. i was cracking up while i was reading those.. we had so much fun. there are too many good times to count. "ummm.. can i talk? im raising my hand.." "lets go trick or treating!! AMY ROEGER!" " ill be the pirate, you be the gangster, you be a lion, you be a boi =), and you can be.. a MERMAID! hahaha get it?!" shells.. ahhaha. i loveeee you oh so much.. never a dull moment. "gah-- $6 for FrEaKiN cream puffs" =)

kaitlin gay

May 30 2006
the cream puffs were amazing. and me and mere ate them all =) i will give you $6 ... maybe