Its slowly coming to a close...

May 10 2006

So High school has gone by so quickly..
you make friends...

And your Best friends are there to help you through the tough times.

you learn to take pride in who you are...

&& you learn to experience things.

seasons change...

&& so do people.

but you learn that friendship matters the most...

and without friends... you'd probly be normal.

you grow with a group of people...

and sometimes you get very close

but in the end its all worth it.

as we move on to our Senior year...
we remember our Junior,Sophomore,and freshman years with pride...

and know that even though we may drift from each other...
those memories are what matter most.

These last 3 years have been good...lets finish this last one off in style!


kaitlin gay

May 11 2006
that is TOOO cute!! =)


May 11 2006
Hello Friend I love you friend We have had alot of fun and there's atill alot more to come

[LJ] ♥

May 12 2006
awe this is really sweet lol you dont know me but i thought this was verry cute<3

kristen teeters

May 14 2006
wow like you should write hallmark cards, oh wait WE DO!! AHAHA! well i can honostly say i have never teared up reading a phusebox entry...before today! girl that just made me finally realize that you and everyone are leaving next year, and i dont know what i will do. *sigh* well i love you so much and i had so so much fun at your house friday! YAY for crazy pictures! lol! thanks for inviting me! your the best! i will talk to u tomorrow! have a great night!

kristen teeters

May 14 2006
oh yeah and sorry about that "dream" you had. it was actually me! ahaha just kidding! love you girl! *sweet dreams! ahahaha!!!


May 14 2006
i love youuu!!!


May 16 2006
omgoodness! i dont know what i'm gonna do when you graduate next year!! this year we better be doin LOTS of stuff!! lol i love you so much chelsea! i'm so glad we got to be friends this year and hopefully we can have an even stronger friendship this year!! you have been such a wonderful example for me in my walk with Christ and i can't tell you how much that means to me!!! i love you chelsea!!!

ami driver

May 16 2006
so can i say what a blessinggg youve been to my life? looking back on those pictures shows me how close we got.. and how ive felt like ive known you WAY longer than a year or two.. from bringing you to one weekend and saving grandma yeargan, to kayaking (we are so hott!), to looking up mullets on your computer to bringing you chinese ,to making fun of chris and alex on the night commute, to jumping off the pole at blackman and looking like IDIOTS, to starting a gub the bug club, to having a dance recital, to mr. lykins yelling at US.. wow. i love you. thats all i have to say.


May 16 2006
dude, i'm on there =) how cool.


May 16 2006
where are you going


May 18 2006
you said you were going ot miss me


May 21 2006
yea i here you cuz, and thanks for the phusebox


May 21 2006
how true.