December 03 2005

so today i had to work and i think i baked like 300 cookies..yeathen i had to come home and turn around for me and lauren to go to my christmas party at its beautiful there!!then i went to chads for a litte bit just to say hey.then i came home deciding whether or not i should try to work on my stupid Chemistry project..and i thought long and hard about it and deciced not to!so here i am.well i think thats just about it!yep thats all!!

ami driver

December 03 2005
chelsea!! hey i didnt know you had a phusebox.. just thought id say hey! love ya.. hope that chemistry project goes well! =)


December 05 2005
so im sittin here thinkin to myself: "hey, you havent explain to Chelsea all that what you were going to tell her" or somethin along that line. sooooo. i will tell you. but i cant now. because it would be a nuisance to type all out when i could just tell you wednesday! or sometime soon. so i will keep you in suspence of which you probably are not in. but it still sounded good. so i will leave it at that: pointless comment here. but: will see ya!! -caleb kenderdine