texas mission trip!

July 15 2005

this summer was so much fun spent in texas for a week! i wish it was longer tho. our mission trip was w/ mission arlington, they pretty much planned out wat we wud do every day, um we did a rainbow express to different apartments for 4 days. the kids wer great and we all wer so attached to them. we had to sleep on the floor of a church but tha jus added to the excitement of being ther to worship God and tell everyone of his greatness! my friend kevin did something to his ankle and it was sprained for a while and it seemed to get bigger every day. stinx for him. me and kevin played a trick on bennett... im gona tell u about it but u can jus skip over it if u want cuz its not tha interesting (its one of those u hada b there kinda things)... bennett wud always steal my sunglasses and they like making me mad, so kevin got the sunglasses from bennett and gave them to me, but bennett didn't kno, he thot tha corey still had them and got reeli nervous wen he couldn't find them ne mor, sooo.. me and kevin wer like "bennett! wer are they? find them now! if u lost them, ur in trouble." u kno, jus stuff to make him even mor scared. so he went on and asked jus about everyone where they wer and this went on for a long time, but i felt bad so we eventually told him tha i had known where they wer the whole time. bennett was a lil upset but he got over it. me and kevin had fun taunting him about them tho. ~~~ we went to six flags over texas which was reeli fun and it rained for a lil while so ther wern't tha many people ther, which was a huge plus wen ur like me and dont want to wait in huge long lines forever! at six flags i walked around w/ my best friends... john, brittany, amanda, kellie, and allison... during rainbow express we wud do puppets for the kids and they wud always love tha, and even tho we wern't always the best at puppets, the lil kids didn't care. kelly and mandy wer always great w/ getting the kids fired up for puppets, they knu how to make them laugh! over all we had a great time, and i absolutely love goin on mission trips!

John Weber

July 30 2005
hey i never saw that but hey i was the 1st best friend, haha go john, but yeah the mission trip was pretty sweet i wish it coulda been longer