:( i need your words!

July 28 2006

i didn't make volleyball! i'm very sad, i found out yesterday but now i'm okayi guess, BUT i can't think of one flippin reason to why i didn't, i mean, wen we had to run around the track i came in first, and i was the only one to beat our coaches in a race that allowed us to not have to run anymore, and when the main coach had us serve ten times... i got them all over and they wer all beautiful, i just don't get it, AND!!!! my old coach from last year (who's not coaching this year) called me just now and told me that he heard i didn't make it, and he sed he was shocked!, ugh! and i dono...... but i was just a lil surprised, and i reeli hope this duzn't sound selfish cuz i'm not wanting it to sound that way, i just at least thot that i wud make JV, but noooo, i didn't so i just thot i'd let you all kno! GIV ME COMFORTING WORDS! PLEASE!!!

i love you all,


kaitlin gay

July 28 2006
hey girl-- just wanted to give you some words of advice. your blog came in on my friends thing. haha, i dont know you, but hey, i will encourage you =) volleyball is such a fun sport, but maybe this is God's way of telling you that He has bigger plans for you. jeremiah 29:11 "for i know the plans i have for you, declares the lord, plans to prosper you and bring you great hope." it SO stinks that you didnt make it. but in the long run, God has got something bigger and better up His sleve =) dont be discouraged. keep working hard and maybe next year, if you try out again, you will make it. just be strong. like i said, leave it up to God. He SOOO knows the future.. we dont. its hard to be ok with that. but, its His payoff is the ulitimate. hope everything gets better. it will, i promise. have a great night!<br> -kaitlin


August 01 2006
chelsea! dont give up! theres always next year. michael jordan got cut from his high school varsity team, but he didnt give up. he worked hard to become the best he could be. and you know what happened to him... so work hard, and next year make those coaches regret that they didnt put you on the team!! dont give up! : )