December 04 2005

everyone is talking but no one is saying anything.

the mosaic presentation at city hall today was fun besides listening to a million fake conversations. i love those so much.


November 24 2005

 distance makes the heart grow weak,
       so that the mouth can barely speak,
           except to those who hide their needs,
                    lonely, lonely that is me.

i don't really know anything about anyone.
i know that i get angrier every day when people are cruel--to each other, to themselves, it doesn't matter. how self-centered can you be?

the most eventful day of my life. just kidding

November 20 2005

today i went on a walk and by a walk i mean i walked to my shed--i found kittens.

on friday i went to the midnight showing of the rocky horror picture show and holy jesus it was spectacular.

i'm going to sigur ros on valentine's day! my dates are 3 girls. you should be jealous.