July 05 2006
so, i figured since my dad said i hadn't updated in awhile, that i should do so. :) love you daddy!  anyways, the reason i haven't updated is because nothing really has been going on.  my relationship with steve is great, i love working at doubletree, and i only have 4 more weeks at the opera! i work pretty much all the time, which i like b/c of the money, and don't like because i have no free time.  but this weekend was nice b/c of the holiday i had time off of work. cassie is getting married this weekend (OMG) and i'm so excited! we're having a lingerie shower for her at lal and i's apartment and it's going to be GREAT! because of this shower, lal and i finally removed the christmas tree from our living room and rearranged it :) and we kinda (finally) moved in.  it was exciting. anyways, i better get back to work here at the opera - just thought i'd let ya know what's goin on!


July 05 2006
Yay, Carla's alive!


July 06 2006
WOOHOO for a fun shower!!! :) can't wait!