dear diary...

April 17 2006




'How will you be
defined in the dictionary?'
yeah...i started work today at health services, and let me just tell
you, i'm going to have an awesome summer there! yay!!! funny story -
about 15 min to closing, this girl comes in in her string bikini with
half of her butt hanging out to get her birth control. pretty sure we
were all laughing! oh yeah - and la came in to get her TB test
read...she will be dying in 2 weeks...everybody send her flowers!

on a much happier note, all the stuff i had to get done
today that i was so stressed out about is pretty much done. YAAAAAAAAY!
and my voice lesson went really well today too! AND there was no choir
today (or the rest of the semester for that matter) so all in all it's
been a pretty good day so far. now if only my baby didn't have class
until 8pm tonight


April 19 2006
i'm not dying!

kelsey shearron

April 19 2006 glad i saw you yesterday!..hows life carla dahling?