interesting and unusual day!

March 26 2006
yesterday was unlike any other day!! it was so refreshing to have a
non-normal day! i'll start from the beginning..

started like any other day - i woke up, didn't have time to eat lunch,
and had to run to work from 12-4.  well, at about 3:15, this
kid comes in and wants to get a video for a presentation he's working
on in one of his classes.  he's a very talkative kid and
jennifer and i soon get drawn in to how interesting his class is that
he's doing this project in (origins of christianity or something like
that) we keep talking and before we know it, it's 4!! so he gets our
email addresses and we all leave. well, while talking, i realize that
he's real good friends with some vocalists and so we continue talking
on the way to my car. well, he lives in scarlett commons, and we were
at the LRC, and it was pretty chilly outside so i offered to take him
to his apt. so we ride over there, i drop him off and then i head over
to beckys...

becky was having a  beijo bag
not very many people showed up like they said they
would, so she really wanted me to come over. ok, now i have
approximately $1 in my checking account (no, seriously!) so i just went
to look. but you know me and i instantly fell in love with
this one bag but it costs $95.  well, becky felt really bad
for nobody showing up and really wanted me to buy something, and since
i had no $$$, she spotted me the moolah and is letting me pay her back
in non-interest installments so now
you'll see me carrying my books around in my new beijo bag instead of my KD

it doesn't stop there! after becky's, i went
to ross to meet my mom to get a dress for courtney's wedding. while
there, i get a call from my wonderful old roomies chas and la, and they
personally invite me to a private dinner with them at outback!! AND
since i have $1 in my account, they offer to pay for me! i have not
been able to hang out with both of them in a veeeeeeeeery long time and
they both graduate in 5 or 6 weeks  (these
are my first best friends of college we are talking about!!) so it was
very exciting! after dinner, we went over to chas's boyfriend's house
and hung out with them (people i went to high school with but never
really talked to) and had mucho fun.

i guess
that's about it for my very different day! it doesn't seem like much,
but it was totally out of the norm for me. it was very refreshing and i
suggest everybody have a day completely out of the norm every once in
awhile. love you all!


March 26 2006
I like random days like that too.


March 26 2006
who is chas's boyfriend? and we did NOT talk yesterday... grrr...

Meagan Wright

March 29 2006
Let's just suffice to say someone was encroaching on my territory. KNOWING we're engaged. Enough to make the steam roll thats for sure. But all is well now! :)