time for an update

March 11 2006
so it's been awhile since i've updated....nothing much has really happened.  it's been spring break and i have done absolutely nothing!!! it's been wonderful! i've been attatched to steve's hip it seems like but i don't mind :)  the sunbelt tournament was earlier this week and i went to just about every game i think. i am now a huge basketball fan! i'm having withdrawls!! steve and i were eating at penn station the other day and i was zoned out watching the basketball game on the tv and didn't even realize it! but the lady raiders are going to the NCAA! hopefully they'll survive the first game or 2....that's all i'm asking!

oh and just as a fun little sidenote - i think i'm going to colorado for graduate school! eek! it's an 18 and a half hour drive from here and my parents aren't too thrilled about that but it's an amazing school and that's where my baby's going as well so the only contingent is if i can get in!!

anyways, that's about it for now...ciao!

Olivia ~AKA Liv~

March 17 2006
I HEART CARLA PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


March 18 2006
It's tonight at 7, tomorrow at 2, and next Friday and Saturday at 7.