best boyfriend ever!!!

February 15 2006
so while i was at school today, steve secretly cleaned out my car!!! for those of you that know me AT ALL, you know what kind of disaster area my car is. and it has gotten pretty bad lately. but my precious boyfriend cleaned it! he got out all the trash, vacuumed the floorboards, and semi-organized my trunk. he did as much as he could before i took all my dirty clothes, dishes, papers, etc out and sometime next week he is going to finish it for me (his idea!) and then we are going to wash it.  he's amazing. i called him to see if he wanted to go get lunch inbetween 2 of my classes, and when i asked what he was doing, he responded "cleaning out your car." i almost fell in the floor! 1) because of embarassment and 2) b/c of sheer amazement!

oh yeah, valentine's was good too! he had to work, so i went to vagina monologues and then he cooked me dinner. seriously guys, i'm the luckiest girl in the world. ok, i'll stop bragging now. love you all!!