and THIS is why you lost me

January 19 2006

"Get a fucking clue"

don't expect me to forget that one either.

hope your life is going well.
i sure know mine and zach's are pretty good...god you jerk.


December 16 2005

whoa. guess what.
9..less than 9 days til christmas. what? what?!

so what? im way too in to it.

Christmas Stress and pirates.

December 13 2005

Mid- shopping...visiting grandparetns -_-
all of this stress..for CHRISTMAS! I do believe it's worth it though..

Which do you prefer?
- ninjas  -pirates
please choose wisely<3

new haircut, new season

December 10 2005
I just realized that i change my hair almost every season. geez. well. here it is. go look.


December 01 2005

Kyle is awesome. the end.

I made a new friend too :] Nick Hawkins. 
Things have been a little shaky lately, but the sun's shining and things are alright.

and winter's here. that means sweaters. lots and lots of sweaters.