My Dream

October 06 2006

I want you to hold me when you are here and think of me when you're not. I need you to love me and never no one else. Just lay next to me with nothing else in mind. Give me one sweet warm kiss and no more after. Stay until I fall asleep and be there when I awake. This is my dream for when I think of you.

Need You

June 27 2006

You are such a great friend to me. I can be the person I want to be. I will never lie to you or cause you pain.

You mean so much more to me. Even when your heart belonged to another I put my feelings aside and let you be. I feel your pain and hear your joy.

Your face it never leaves, just stay the way you are and never change. Please promise me you wont go away. I need you in my life. You are a good person and the friend I really need.


Demon from My Past

June 27 2006

Why are you here Demon from my past Haunting me when I sleep stalking me when I'm awake.

Go away and never come back. You have no place here your no part of me.

I hate you ugly Demon please just let me be.

My life is so much better without you in it.

I will fight you ugly Demon for I am not afraid. You are nothing to me and I am better than you.

So leave me be and I will soon be scared no more.