The School Year!!!!!!

September 01 2007
This is going to be the craziest school year ever. I'm wrestling, shooting, and weight lifting. I'm gonna be so crammed. Not to mention, I have a lot of hard classes and a LOT of home work. Well I'm in a party right now so I'll keep ya'll posted later.

Hey Everybody.

May 15 2007

I love this dating thing ya'll. I could get used to this. The perfect girl, the perfect date, a redneck truck, and of course, the redneck guy. It all works out. Becca really is a beautiful girl. I'll keep ya'll updated on the HUNTER/BECCA thing. It's all good right now. I'm turning her into a country girl. My accent has rubbed off. it's pretty funny ya'll.

Well, I updated.

Bye everybody, HUNTER 41


May 09 2007

Hey everybody. It's been a while since I got back from China. I had to update to make Becca Hicks happy. But I'm goin to bed now cuz i'm sick but I'll talk to ya'll later. Especially Becca.

Peace Out

I'm so tired.

April 19 2007
Today, I missed breakfast, the hotel staff didn't clean our room, I worked out for 2 hours, I bowled 6 games, and I had time to swim. this has been just a stupid day. I didn't break 120 in bowling all day. I was so mad. On the other hand, I had lunch at the best cafe I've been to in a long time. I had peanut butter french toast. it was the best stuff I've here yet. MMMMMM!!!!!! It was so good ya'll don't even know.

Bye: Hunter

Hey ya'll

April 18 2007
Today has just been crazy. I got this random girl's email at this shop. It was really freakin' wiered. Other than that I had a really good time. I went shopping at Shamian Island with a few of our group members and it turned out to be fun until the taxi ride. One of the twins was bawling her eyes out. And the taxi driver was driving so crazy. Well I'll talk to you later.

Peace out: Hunter


April 17 2007
This place is so much fun but, I'm so homesick right now. I can't wait to get home and show ya'll my baby sister. She is really so precious. Oh yeah, BECCA HICKS IS BEAUTIFUL TOO!!!! I hope she is happy. HEHE. Well I'm gonna go bowl, talk to ya'll later.


Hunter(THE 41)


April 15 2007
Man ya'll are missing out. This is just plain crazy. I am so home sick. The food here is alright but, I just want to go home and eat some American food, mexican, and whatever else, but not Chinese. At least they have a three story McDonalds. REDNECK DREAM!!!!!!! Oh well, I still want to just go home. I miss ya'll.

Peace out!!, Hunter

Clifford Hotel

April 15 2007
We just got finished moving to our new hotel in Guangzhou. Only a few days left until we're back in the states. I can't wait, then again, our hotel has a 3 acre pool with a nice waterslide. What's even better is the gym is really nice. That's where most of my time is spent. Well I'm gonna leave ya'll hangin for now but, I'll be back on shortly. Oh yeah, HALEY DAWN JONES!!!!!!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!


April 11 2007
javascript:addBlogit('')I love my mei mei.


April 10 2007
Isn't She the most beautiful little girl on earth. She is so precious. That's my little sister.


March 11 2007
DUDE!!! I've been grounded for so long it's not even funny. All ya'll need to give me a call so we can hang some time soon.


December 18 2006
My chemistry exam was really hard today. I had no clue what I was doing half way through the test. It was only 15 questions and it took me 50 min to do it all. It was crazy.On a happier note, I start at Zaxby's on wednesday from 4-9:30. Ya'll need to drop by and say hi to me.


December 15 2006
I made a 100 on my geometry exam today. My spanish exam was fairly easy too. I'll keep ya'll posted on my grades and new job.


December 12 2006
Pretty sure that I got a job at Zaxby's now ya'll. Heck Yeah!!! Now I have money to take my gf out to dinner.


December 11 2006
What's up guys? I'm so bored that it's not even funny. I could be driving all around town and kickin' it with my friends tonight , but NO. The TDOT closes at 4 and i needed to get my tags. I got there at 4:04 and they wouldn't let me in. AHHH!!! Oh well, there's always tommorow. I get to be late for school just to get my tags and insurance tommorow. HEHE. 


December 10 2006
I'm pretty sure that I've been working out all week and I've got to show for it is a lot of aches and pains. This just is not fun any more. I think I'll just get on steriods. NOT!!! Anyways, We had our football banquet last night and the jacket I got is TIGHT!!! I wore that jacket to church proudly today. Well I guess I'll talk to ya'll later.  


November 30 2006
OMG ya'll!!! I freakin' made the best grades I've ever made in my life today. It was awesome!!!! Time to go celebrate. Talk to ya'll later. 


November 26 2006
Pretty sure that I skipped out on church today. OOOPS. I did not feel good. My dad and I just sat in our den and talked about forgiving eachother for the stupid things that we do to make each other mad. It turned out to be a pretty good morning. GO PREDS!!!!! They won.


November 25 2006

FINALLY!!!!!! I finally got a new computer. It's about time that we got one. We have been waiting for so long for this. Well I'm gonna head out ya'll. Love ya'll. Adios. 


November 22 2006
So How's it goin' ya'll? Wow I haven't updated. Everything is goin' alrite. I'm staying out of most of my trouble. I'm lovin' school. and I look forward for tommorow. I am gonna eat so much. I didn't eat much at all this week. Well I'm gonna head out ya'll I will talk to ya'll later.