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rascal flatts, jack johnson

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a beautiful mind

my wreck

July 09 2006
    so i am leaving my sister's apartment and some guy pulls out in front of me and then poor little honda is out... i think its his fault though and no worries ladies i am ok... i know you were all wondering and hoping i was. here are some pics of the sad event.

and worst of all
that hurts the heart.. gotta order a new one... quick.
Again girls i am OK!!!


July 08 2006
    ok so about a month left till college.. starting to get scary... and you know we have to hang out before i go so leaveme a message on here and we can.


June 17 2006
ok so i have 299 friends... who wants to be #300. This lucky person will recieve the graditude and privalidge of being my friend. haha.


May 31 2006
Me and alden just got done bowling for 5 hours straight and i did great...we bowled a total of 12 games for 12 dollars what a deal.

my average was 135

Look back on the year

May 23 2006
plenty of stuff happened this year some good some bad overall a fun year.

sweet backpack

champion engineers

cool kid (not mine by the way)


established a new kingdom


price is right every morning


el presidente

mentor of the year

fun team

starbucks all the time

and best of all the cool laptop i am using now.

I just got it today so if you want to see why it is so cool i will be at starbucks the next two nights for sure. well thats alli have time for today time to play with my computer more.


April 13 2006
well its been a while since i updated guess it time to... soccer is going well. we are 4-2 which is exciting. we have two home games next week... tues at 5 and thur at 4:30. thursday should be an easy win which means lots of playing time for me. so you should all come see me play. thats about all thats new and i am starvign so its time to get a snack... see ya.

spring break

March 29 2006
its spring break!!!! wanna hang out? call me!!!
653 8616


March 19 2006
i am taking a poll:
do you think God still has prophets like in the bible or atleast something similar?


March 19 2006
ok so i went to work saturday intending to quit and i kid you not my manager said no ben i will not let you quit. i said ok well for like 3 weeks in a row i may not be able to work and she said ok thats fine. so anyways if people heard i was quiting i was but i am not allowed to. haha.

p.s. thanks for the encouragement on my foot and running i feel 100% and should get to play tuesday evening at white county i know its a good drive there so i won't expect a big crowd to see me tear it up but i will let you know how it went on here.


March 17 2006
i am so done with my milse and its great i ran all 27 miles and now i get to play. As long as my foot is 100% monday i will get to run on that field tuesday. I guess also if Brett graces me with some playing time but i think i show i want it and to me that counts for something even 2 seconds. I just really want to play. Also big shout out to Dan the Man Daniel Linn for making my soccer ball the most coolest ever. Pics of the ball soon.
Benny "no more runnin" Pearce


March 04 2006

well i ran 9 more miles today which means only 5 more miles. i am so excited i wam going to try to finish tomorrow or maybe do some tomorrow and the rest monday. but i will be ready for the game tuesday for sure!!!



March 02 2006
ok so pretty much hurt my achilles etndon.... hope thats spelled right... anyways back to the story i hurt it and i can barely jog now so needless to say i still have 14 miles to go and practice was a beast today i was limping everywhere. hope it gets better soon or i won't get to play at all.


February 25 2006
ok to explain to everybody what happened i decided i wanted to play soccer but they had practiced one week already and the penalty for missing practice is 5 miles per day. i missed 5 days meaning i could play but i have to run25 miles before i am aloud to play in a game. so after practices i can run 2 or three miles till i get all 25 done. so anyways i have run 10 miles now so i only have 15 more to go. hope i can get them done by march 4 so i can play the first game.


February 24 2006

i am running more tomorrow morning so maybe we will go under 20!!!

25 miles

February 21 2006
so i decided to play soccer but i missed lots of practice which equals penalty running. 25 miles!

25 miles - 2 miles after practice today = 23 miles to go i will keep the countdown here so it starts today with 23!!!!


February 15 2006
i have been doing some thinking lately... lots of stuff really tonights main thing was how unprepared for life/college i am not good its kinda scary.... help!


January 23 2006
So yeah my birthday is in 2 weeks... this means i will be 18 and I guess the most exciting part is i will be able to be a waitor then... other than i am wondering if i should have a party or not. so let me know what ya'll think or plan your own for me... lol.


January 15 2006
well lets see whats been happenin lately... well yesterday was
homecoming... then ate and saw glory road... crashed a party and me and mr mitchell went muddin in the ole honda accord she's kinda dirty now whoops... other than that lately has been alot of thinkin... college
soon and i am kinda scared i haven't been the new kid since feb 7, 1988
(my b-day) always the same town, same school, same house, now a whole new city is exciting but scary too. that also has brought questions
like where is my life headed will i be happy get my dreams and goals.
that also scares me cause what if i fail or dont get exactly what i
want. lots of times i cover this stuff up with comedy but here its i me
letting it out i am scared and need to figure things out.



January 14 2006
well maybe not for me but seems like everybody else did in m'boro. i see picture's of a freakin 3 foot tall snow man and me not even a snow flake on the ground... i was pretty dissapointed. well its late and i got church in the morning see ya.


January 09 2006

well i must say i was a little disapointed with the respinse last time anyways its all good. really i guess it may have sounded like i was kinda weird but really i just like to meet new people so thats what i wanted just somebody that maybe also likes to meet new people or w/e anyways gotta get back to learning cause i am at school.

PS if you know how to add video on here let me know i got a great video i want to show but i cant get it to work.