Photo From iceskater9387

October 03 2005

photo from iceskater9387

yes- i wear pj's on test days and i do look amazingly hot! you wish you were me!


October 03 2005
gah........ guess what? allergy season is starting! how do i know? because i feel like someone is holding my eyes and squeezing...... am sooooo tired. need to get sleep tonight. i won't though - big paper due tomorrow. cry.

dearest kim, are you happy now?

October 02 2005
Well, my wonderful roommate Kim talked me into starting a phusebox whatever the heck i should call this thing and now she has informed me that i must blog and add pictures. well, here is blog #1- dedicated to the girl on the bottom bunk, the doll who spends more time on her hair than I do in the shower (that''s a lot of time ladies and gentlemen), the crazy chica who orders chicken stips and mac & cheese EVERYWHERE we go, who sings the song "alcohol" with me at the top of her lungs. yes we all know her and love her, the shy indecisive one that always wants to drive even when she has no clue as to where she is going-the one, the only, KIMBERLY ANNE BANNON!!!!!!!!!! yay! (are you happy now?)

~ Always ~