the day the world went crazy

March 12 2007
so along with the fact that everyone else in my life is having a crisis at the moment, whether it be pet, school or family related, i got a call from my mother shortly after 9 tonight.....

my little cousin Parker (who doesn't like me because i'm a girl), had a bike accident today. he was life flighted to Nashville, but they think he only has a crack in his skull right behind the ear.

the details are sketch because he doesn't remember much and neither does his younger brother, micah. what we think happened is that they were riding at the road and a car came around the corner. micah pulled over and stopped, but parker didn't have time and kinda rearended him. the collision resulted in him hitting his head on the concrete pretty hard.

i was worried at first about my grandparents because i can't see them handling this too well. apparently mom had to go tell them because this all happened away from the farm at the boy's mother's house or something like that. crazyness.

that's micah.... i don't have a picture of parker.....
i know it's going to be okay..... it's just.... wow
i kinda takes the breath out of you to get that phone call


March 14 2007
yeah i just cant see them......i think......yeah im pretty sure i have them