no quote this week

December 24 2006

as i set out to find the perfect quote for Christmas, i wanted something warm- to remind us why we celebrate.  and i failed.

i think it is an innate understanding that i hold within myself that i cannot find words to satify. nothing is good enough. i want to share that, but i think you can only understand it if you have it and therefore all explainations would end up empty.

He was born over 2,000 years ago. we have made millions of advancements in technology and scientific understanding since His birth. Webster couldn't define what it meant and neither can we. it is something we know so passionately that death becomes nothing in comparison. He not only means the world to me, He is that world in its entirety, or at least all that matters.......

and even with all these words, i can't put it into words.


December 25 2006
Well I can refrain from the kissing but not from the blowing up things it is to dang much fun man I love blowing up things....*caugh caugh I am not james bond *caugh caugh OK FINE I KNOW I AM