why does life make me happy, yet suck AT THE SAME TIME

December 16 2006

so i got up at 5:45 AM to come shark other people's purged classes..... good news and bad news.

i got into the 1PM Con Law class i wanted!!!!! and don't have to take that 8AM one! (I wil sacrifice one very early morning to avoid other ones!!)

so... that bad news. one of my classes didn't make. it was an honors one.... the only honors one i had..... so not only could i get kicked out of my dorm if i dont find another one, but i'll be behind in the honors program as far as graduation requirements and have to double up somewhere..... and that whould.... well,....... SUCK!!!

so now i'm looking for an honors class....... i want to go back to bed. and i soooooo can't find any that i can take w/ my schedule. i even tried honors theatre appreciation and we all know how much i'd love that...........(for those of you who misssed the sarcasm.....i'd hate the class with the passion of a 1,000,000,000,000 fires)

my "login" keeps somehow becoming "expired"

gar. that's about all i can say. gar.

at least i know honors classes aren't that hot of a comodity. well is in now 6:30. i have found ONE honors class that fits my schedule that i could take (aka not Honors Gentics or French II) but it requires a junior standing and special permission from the dept. there is one spot left. maybe i can get it monday bbefore the perso who was purged from it gets back in...........maybe. anyway. i have 12 hours. i'm going to bed.


December 16 2006
Well I don't know what you're interested in other than political science, but I'm taking Honors Psycholgy of Social Behavior and an honors interdisplinary course called Creativity and Exploration. But you may not like those or they may not fit into your schedule. Also, I imagine if you took a one hour class, like the honors lecture series on Mondays, you would be able to stay in the dorm. Anyhow, I hope it works out for you!